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How to create Vignettes in your home

Create Vignettes

Vignettes are popular right now, a group of items that create a focal point in a room. Some Vignettes can be functional such as a coffee bar area in your kitchen or a desk area with an attractive functional display. Other Vignettes can be used for display of cherished items or to increase room ambiance.

Here are a few tips for you when creating vignettes:

  • Pick a good spot in your room that is easily seen from different areas in the space
  • Start with a light source, such as a pretty lamp
  • Choose objects that support the main decor/style theme in your room, such as rustic, coastal, farmhouse, traditional , industrial, Bohemian, etc.
  • Pick an anchor item that will be the center of interest. Vintage items are great anchor items and conversation starters.
  • When grouping items make sure they are relatable by color, theme, or shapes etc.
  • Consider adding an element of nature such as greenery ,flowers, shells
  • Vary the objects height
  • Add a seasonal touch that you can have fun changing out through the year.
  • Odd number groupings are best , group items in threes or fives
  • Add personal items that are meaningful to you and your family. Think of hobbies, travels , different places you have lived, etc.

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